I Love When Her Lips Juicy – Who Is This Lucky Girl That Has Charmed Tekno

It appears a lady has charmed Alhaji Tekno

that he can’t get over her and has shared on Twitter what he loves about this lady saying he loves it when her lips are juicy.

Tekno’s cryptic message shows that he might have fallen for a lady because of how juicy her lips are or even it might be a lyric in one of the yet-to-be-released songs that he wants us to know what to expect from the song.

When Tekno decides to make love songs, he uses all kinds of s.exy words and some part of the body that contributes to the s.exual satisfaction of human, therefore, he saying he loves her lips being juicy means he’s getting romantic with the lady in question.

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Musicians mostly write songs based on their experiences and what they have heard hence for Tekno to put such words in his song means he has been intrigued by a lady whose lips were juicy just as he claimed in the post.

Some netizens reacting to his post believed Tekno has been charmed by a lady with a juicy lip but those who know him so well and how he writes his lyrics think it’s part of a song that he quoted just to create a controversy online.

Screenshot below;

Source: www.GHgossip.com

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