I Never Fake My Love For Anyone – Regina Daniels On Why She Takes Betrayal Personal

Young actress and mother of one Regina Daniels has disclosed why she takes betrayal personally, claiming she never fakes her love for anyone.

Regina Daniels as a libra shared another characteristic of herself revealing why she takes betrayal personally as she never fakes her love for anyone hence doesn’t expect anyone to fake his or her love for her as well.

According to Regina as a libra, she never fakes her love for anyone and all she does comes from the heart, which is why she takes betrayal personally as she never expects anyone to fake their love for her since hers is real.

Regina Daniels seeing herself in the post she shared said she feels like she typed that which shows that she is exactly what the post said and doesn’t fake her love for anyone therefore if she loves you, it’s genuine.

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Betrayal is something almost everyone doesn’t like and even those who even betrays others never want to be betrayed therefore taking betrayal personal is something most people do and not Regina Daniels alone.

Regina Daniels has also made it clear in a previous post that she won’t be stressing herself any more about people who are committed to misunderstanding her in any way even though her love for them is never fake.

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