I Once Had The Opportunity To Go Through A Female Artist’s Phone And…. – Don Jazzy

Renowned Nigerian producer, songwriter, and singer, Micheal Collins Ajereh who is popularly known as Don Jazzy has revealed what he saw on one of his female artists’ phone when he went through it.

In an interview with BBC News Pidgin, Don Jazzy opened up on his failed marriage with his first wife and the women he dated after his failed marriage. It would be recalled that Don Jazzy revealed the photo of his first wife and also disclosed why his first marriage didn’t work. He disclosed that he gave more attention to his music live than his family.

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Don Jazzy also revealed that the male artist has it easier in the industry than female artists. He also said the male artists have a greater opportunity than women since they have nothing to lose. He explained that women find it difficult in the industry because some music directors and producers sometimes demand an intimate time with the female artist before helping them.

Don Jazzy revealed in the interview how he got the opportunity to go through the phone of one of his female artists under his record label and got shocked over the messages he saw.

He revealed that there were many producers, directors, television directors, and many others asking his artist to have an intimate relationship with them because that is the only way they could help her in the music industry.

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Don Jazzy registered his displeasure over how music directors and producers try to take advantage of female artists. He gave two suggestions to change the mindset of the Nigerian music industry. He first suggested that the male child should undergo proper training properly by their parents and secondly female artists who get sex proposals from music directors should expose them.

Source: Newzandar News

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