‘If A Girl Can Cheat On A Soldier Who Carries Bazooka And Bomb, Who Are You With Just Laptop And Suit?’ — Nigerian Soldier Laments (Watch)

A Nigerian soldier has been spotted in a viral video lamenting about the infidility of ladies and the depth they have descended with their modus operandi in the modern relationship setup.

According to him, even as a soldier who carries offensive weapons and grenades- he once had a woman who still cheated on him without any shred of fear hence any ordinary person won’t be spared the brute of their unfaithfulness.

He wondered if a lady could have the boldness to do such a sad thing to his type, then he could only imagine what such a lady would do to a male civilian.

Watch the video below;

In almost identical news, a Nigerian man has claimed that women tend to be more loyal towards internet scammers, popularly called yahoo yahoo in Nigeria.

According to the Twitter user identified as @YomYom__, ladies dating yahoo boys put in their all into the relationship and the best part is that they don’t have issue with the guy when he cheats.

His tweet as shared online reads;

‘The way Ladies are ‘understanding’ when dating Yahoo Boys ehn. They will sacrifice mind, body and soul.

Na that time you go hear “I’m not saying he shouldn’t cheat, but he shouldn’t do it to my face”

See screenshot of his tweet below;

In another report which contradicts the aforementioned theory, a Nigerian man is of the strongest conviction that ladies who date yahoo boys silently go through a lot of abuses.

The Twitter user identified as Anu, said that girls who are in relationships with internet fraudsters are subjected to the worst form of abuse yet they endure it so they can benefit from their ill-gotten money.

Anu tweeted; ”Girls dating yahoo boys suffer the worst form of abuse but hey they wear designer shoes and carry designer bags so yasss queens!”

SOURCE: www.Ghgossip.com

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