If Only You Knew Half The Spiritual Battles Fathers Fight – Sam Nnabuike To Those Who Neglect Their Fathers

Actor Sam Nnabuike better known as Sam Sunny has appealed to the senses of those who neglect their fathers and take care of their mothers alone.

Sam Nnabuike in his post appealed to those of us who only send money to our mothers and want to take care of them neglecting our fathers forgetting they also played a major role in our upbringing just like our mothers.

According to Sam the prospective father figure, he knows we all love our mothers so dearly and want to give them the world but if your father is still alive send him money now and then just as you do for your mother.

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Sam also added that if only we all knew half the spiritual battles our fathers have fought and are still fighting in our defense unknowing for us, we would be taking care of them and loving them just as we do for our mothers.

Sam Nnabuike who is yet to be married and become a father per our knowledge has seen the need to appeal to our senses not to neglect our fathers when trying to give our mothers the world as they also play important roles in our lives.

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