If You’re Not Smart, Family And Friends Will Hinder You From Attaining Your Potentials — Filmmaker, Mcbaror Tells Entrepreneurs

McBaror cited in a video shared by a popular Instagram blogger that problems do end hence young entrepreneurs should be smart else family members and friends will continue take from them.

According to the producer and director, if one is not strong and he puts the needs of his friends and family on his head, they will not be able to attain their maximum potentials in life.

He, however, maintained that one needs to grow to a certain level before accommodating others so that it will not hinder one’s progress.

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Some social media users have agreed with his commentary and have added their views to it.

See some reactions below;

@emperoralase: This man just said undiluted truth, ye who have ears should listen! Don’t let Desmond elliot tell you otherwise o

@Family problem will make you feel as if you’re not doing enough. Problem nor dey ever finish.

@chomxymarylynne: If u make d money and ur family members die because of lack of support from them when they needed you, hope u will be proud of your stinginess. What shall it profit an entrepreneur to gain the whole world and lose his family members to death? Advise is do what you can when you can n everyone will bear u witness than at all at all.

@twice_as_tall01: Learn to balance everything….. one thing sure…. family problem nor de finish

@giddy_bragado: Na them Dey cos wahala for marriages too !!…… Family & friends suppose to be far from your personal affairs!!


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