Ikorodu Bois Featured On Times Square’s Billboard In New York (Video)

Ikorodu Bois has been honoured in America as a collection of their ingenuity lumped in short clips now appear on a digital billboard at Times Square in New York.

The group who hail from Nigeria rose to prominence on Instagram for their almost flawless ability to recreate movie trailers, music videos, viral videos of celebrities across the world which they share on their official page.

Their appearance on Times Square’s billboard is courtesy of Netflix, the movie-production company that has revealed how impressed it is with the young boys’ craft. The billboard at Times Square shows most of their craft that has cemented their name as a global brand.

Meanwhile, Netflix has announced plans to feature Ikorodu Bois in its Oscar Film Brand Campaign. A statement to that effect reads;

“Netflix’s wide reach has woken up a new generation of global film fans, allowing them to discover more diverse perspectives, see themselves reflected, and inspiring new forms of movie-love.

Once a year, the Oscars pierce the culture and put movies on our collective minds, and this year, we are putting the spotlight on the Ikorodu Bois to remind movie fans that fans are the most important part of the movies.

The year 2023/21 has been a weird and wonderful year for films and film lovers and our films brought joy and hope to the industry, and more importantly, to fans. In seeing the Ikorodu Bois channel their creativity into remakes/tributes of their favorite movies, we see the joy of being a fan.”

SOURCE: www.Newzandar News.com

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