I’ll Run For Gov If My Boss Approves- Benue Deputy Gov, Abounu

Benue State Deputy Governor Mr. Benson Abounu, has declared his intention to run for the office as Governor in 2023 if he gets approval from Governor Samuel Ortom.

The Deputy Governor said he was too well versed in the area of gubernatorial contest to not seek the necessary approval and support from the people in authority.

He said: “there are three factors that will determine whether I will run for Governor or not. One is God. If He says run, I will run. The second factor is my boss Governor Samuel Ortom. I have enough experience to know that given the situation of the Deputy Governor, if your principal says no, it does not matter whether every other person in the state says yes, you are wasting your time.

“So if Samuel Ortom says, God says you should run, if the people want you to run, I agree you should run, then I will run. But if he says no, I will not run. I will go back to my engineering profession. Let’s also be honest with ourselves, because of numerical deficiencies, no matter how rich a man from my place (Benue South) is, and the Tiv people do not want that man to be Governor, he can never be. “Therefore if you ask me, the Tiv people in Benue State on their own volition, if they make up their minds sufficiently well enough to say this is the time for us to have a Governor of Idoma extraction, then I will run. Otherwise you will waste your time,

Source: www.Newzandar News.com

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