‘I’m A Perfectionist’- Bimbo Ademoye Shares Her Opinion On Nollywood

Bimbo Ademoye thinks the quality of Nollywood in recent times is being compromised by greedy directors and filmmakers.

The fresh-faced actress told Sunday Scoop plainly that it’s not every film that deserves to be screened in cinemas and since she’ a perfectionist, she easily gets offended to see substandard movies being commercialized.

“I am a perfectionist. I am the type of person that can make a movie worth millions and would still think it is not cinema-worthy”, she stated.

She continued, “I am not one to decide what film makes it to the cinema but I can tell you films that should not make it to the cinemas. Don’t disrespect that space. Don’t say because you have cameras and actors, you just take it and let people waste their money, time, and energy at the cinemas.

Some movies are better watched at home. That is being greedy. At the end of the day, the filmmakers end up stressing themselves because Nigerians know what is good. They would not tell people to go and watch a movie that is not good.

Bimbo Ademoye, is a Nigerian actress. In 2018, she was nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy/TV series at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards for her role in the film Backup Wife. Bimbo Ademoye also stars ROK TV, channel 329 on sky. 

Bimbo Ademoye began acting in 2014 when she was cast in the short film Where Talent Lies. The film received accolades from the Africa International Film Festival. Bimbo Ademoye describes Uduak Isong as her mentor, who assisted her in getting into the industry.

In 2015, Ademoye was casted in her first feature film Its About Your Husband, which was also produced by Isong. In a 2018, compilation by Premium Times newspaper, Bimbo Ademoye was listed as one of five actors who were predicted to have a successful career before the end of the year (Wikipedia).

SOURCE: www.Newzandar News.com

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