‘I’m Ready For Whatever Pain Or Torture I Have To Go Through To Win Against Tyson Fury’ – Anthony Joshua

Heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua has discussed his preparation in anticipation for his huge record breaking bout with the gypsy king, Tyson Fury.

 Anthony Joshua had a chat with Watford’s playmaker Troy Deeney, on the striker’s podcast titled: ‘Am I excited? I ain’t excited, it is what it is,’ 

He talked about his preparation and said: ‘I’m getting ready to walk through a brick wall and nothing is getting in my way. I’m ready to go through whatever pain, torture, adversity I have to go through in order to win, that’s why i’m really looking forward to it.     

‘I know I’m the man of this division and I will be for a long time. I came through this game quick and the way I had to learn was through mistakes, on the public stage as well. 

‘I came into this game not to take part but to take over, I feel I’m on a different wavelength and frequency. 

‘I do it with a smile on my face but I’m dedicated to these things. Recapping over Covid I thought, man, I’ve put a lot into this and now I need to back myself.’  

Anthony Joshua snubbed the insults and name calling of Tyson Fury as he said its a psychological warfare.

He said ‘It’s just psychological warfare. 

‘I’ve learnt a lot with that. The man will talk about drinking pints and he’s not interested but yet he wants to look chiseled, he’s training the hardest he’s ever trained, he’s the skinniest he’s ever been. 

‘AJ has a good body and he trains so he wants to be a body builder, but Tyson Fury would do the exact same thing if he could. I am everything he wants to be.

‘He wants to have a six-pack, that’s why he’s training as hard as he’s training right now. Why he looks so chiseled, why he’s in America.  

‘I promise you I’m honoured, I’m humbled, I know it’s going to be tough but I truly believe I am tough enough to go through it. I don’t need to talk about Tyson Fury and I don’t need to belittle the man, he can do what he wants.’ 

Source: www.Ghgossip.com

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