Ini Edo Allegedly Showing Fake Love To Halima Abubakar After Being Dumped By The Man She Linked Her To

Blogger cutie julls has allegedly claimed that Ini Edo is showing Halima Abubakar fake love on Instagram after she got dumped for badmouthing Halima to a man she linked her to.

According to the blogger, Halima Abubakar has been linking most Nollywood actresses to some top northern politician and did the same for Ini Edo somewhere last year but then greed made her lose everything after badmouthing Halima to the man.

The blogger in a post said Ini Edo after seeing that the northern politician which Halima linked her to is so rich, she got greedy trying to keep him to herself hence started saying bad things about Halima to the man.

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But unfortunately for her, the man who loves Halima as a daughter ended up dumping Ini Edo for badmouthing Halima and that made Ini angry hence has been showing Halima fake love on Instagram thinking she ended her relationship with the man.

The blogger then added that most of these actresses take advantage of Halima’s kind heart saying she’s not classy as them even though she practically made them who they are just because she’s always real with them.

From what the blogger wrote, most actresses are only showing Halima Abubakar fake love on Instagram just because of the connections she has with big northern politicians and will link them to be able to sustain their lifestyle.

screenshot below;


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