Is There Anything I Can Do Right In Your Eyes? Leave Me Alone – BBN’s Lucy Cries Out

BBNaija star Lucy has cried out to Nigerians to leave her alone asking whether there’s something she would do that would be right in their eyes.

Lucy being tired over how netizens talk about everything she does from the house to the reunion asked them to leave her alone because she’s not the cause of their mental unrest hence they should leave her alone.

According to Lucy, she cried while in the house and people talked about it, in the reunion she laughed a lot and they are still complaining therefore is there anything she can do right in their eyes.

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Adding that frankly she doesn’t think so therefore they should leave her alone and stop complaining about everything she does because she’s not the cause of their mental unrest for them to lash it out on her for doing things that she pleases herself.

One thing Lucy seems to have forgotten is that the human race talks about almost everything whether is right or wrong hence its up to her to live her own life and not bother about what others will say because of something she did provided it’s for a good course.

Screenshot below;

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