‘It’s Only A Foolish Person That Will Say There’s No ‘Juju’ —Nigerian Man Shares Chilling Story to Back Claim

A Nigerian man identified as Alex Oluwatobi has stated with authority that juju should not be discarded by some people as impotent or a myth after what his own friend went through.

Alex, who happens to be a budding writer said his friend moved to a new apartment recently but unbeknownst to him the building was under a voodoo spell and was called a ‘Barren land.’

He said this priceless information was disclosed to him by one of his mother’s friend, who lived around the apartment but sadly when he disclosed the woman’s warning to his friend, he shrugged it off saying prayers could destroy every evil spell and went ahead to pay for the apartment.

It however resulted to his friend losing his job, his friend’s  wife also lost her pregnancy and his car he was using for Uber doesn’t start till 8am everyday.

See below for the full story;

So there was this hot saturday afternoon, i followed a friend to go check an apartment in Ikorodu.

We got to the building with the agent, It was such a very niceeee house.

I excused myself to get a cold drink as I was feeling thirsty, then my mom’s friend saw me

Mom’s Friend: Haa, Tobiloba mi kọ lélẹ̀yi?

Me: Èmi ni Ma, ẹkù ọjọ́ mẹta má!

Mom’s Friend: What are you doing in my area? 

Me: I came with my friend to check an apartment in this house. (pointing to the nice building)

Mom’s Friend: This house?

Me: Yes Má, this house Má!

She sighed heavily and asked how close I was to my friend.

I said “Very close Má”

She said I should tell my friend to look for another house that that particular building is an “Àṣàlẹ́” ( Barren land – I don’t know if i get the meaning in English correctly).

I said “Okay Má”

We had a little chat then I bid her goodbye.

I went back to meet my friend and the agent. I excused him for a minute to narrate everything my mom’s friend said.

He looked at me & said “Guyyy, are you not a Christian again, there’s nothing prayer cannot handle jawe?”

For real, there’s nothing prayers cannot handle and I for one never believed in all those juju crap.

He moved in to the house after a month. Got married after 3months, bought that “Uber” corolla.

He was doing really fine!

We oftentimes laughed about what my mom’s friend said.

Roughly after 8months that he moved into the house, he lost his banking job which I believed was due to the covid-19 pandemic.

However, while he was still dealing with the job loss and praying for a new job, his wife lost a 4months pregnancy.

Then we doubled our prayers.

Personally, I don’t want to give what my mom’s friend said a thought but when all these were going, it keeps coming to my mind.

He eventually got another job but it’s in V.I.He couldn’t take it as the pay was very ridiculous.So he decided to start Uber, using his corolla.

Now this is the mysterious part! 

If he wakes up by 6am to start picking rides for the day, the car will not start until after 8.30am. I am not even kidding and this is not a fable.

At a point, he felt maybe the car works with temperature and mumu me was thinking the same. 

Since he moved into the house, 2 other tenants that moved in at the same time have moved out.

The only person they met there have been owing the landlord over 2years rent, the man keeps coming to disgrace him.

His wife couldn’t take it anymore, she had to call a pastor.

The pastor came and told them to move out ASAP.

My friend’s mother also brought a white garment MOG to pray, the MOG said his car will never start before 8am because they normally take it for a meeting in the spiritual realm & it’ll only start until they bring it back


The wife has since been sleeping in her parent’s house. So I told him to come spend the weekend in Ketu. Guess what guys?

The car worked as early as 6am yesterday and we even took it to church very early this morning.

Nah only mumu go talk say there’s no juju, I swear! 

Now I feel really bad, I should have pressured him to take my mom friend’s advice and look for another apartment.

Pls before you take an apartment anywhere:

-Ask questions from those around, especially if it’s not a new house and don’t get carried away by the Dope edifice.


SOURCE: Newzandar News

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