It’s Ridiculous To Believe Buhari Has Died – Obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has cited the rumour that President Muhammadu Buhari had died and was cloned by somebody else from Sudan as absolutely ridiculous.

Obansajo blamed the abuse of the social media as the major tool used to perpetrate the lies. Obasanjo spoke of how a big personality came to him and asked him whether the rumours were true.

In his words: “Somebody came to me, a very high hub person, saying tell me about this talk of Buhari not being Buhari.

“I said ‘do you believe them?’ He said, ‘well, it is in the social media’. I said ‘how will Buhari die and we will not know that Buhari has died and they will bring us somebody from Sudan to be Buhari?’

“It’s ridiculous to the extreme. But you have it in the social media and you see people believing it,”

“Social media is good, but it can be abused. We have to train our youths and our children about the dangers of the social media,” 

In other news, Prophet Segun Adebayo of Christ Apostolic Church, CAC, has revealed that God has rejected the former president of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo.

According to the prophet, God has rejected Obasanjo and the grace of God has left him due to his inability to utilize the opportunity he was given to clean up Nigeria’s mess in 1999.

He made his submission when he spoke with reporters in Lagos.

The prophet said: “The Lord sent the hosts of heaven with many swords. The swords have not gone back. There will be a crisis in the North; the people of Buhari will be no more. Where is the generation of Murtala Mohammed?

“Obasanjo was a beloved of God but he was disobedient. The grace has left him. When he got there in 1999 was when he was given the opportunity.”

“That was when we gave Obasanjo the grace to rectify what was wrong. And we told him, he did not listen. What they wanted to eat did not let them listen. Solution will not come from him again,” 

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