Jealous? Aunty Pay Your Debt – Bobrisky Replies Tonto Dikeh After She Called Her A Jealous Demon

Crossdresser Bobrisky has replied to her former best friend Tonto Dikeh after referring to him as a jealous demon that appeared in the form of a supportive angel.

Bobrisky reacting to Tonto Dikeh and her new man all over social media shaded her saying she hasn’t learned from her past relationship and is showing social media folks what they need to see but won’t tell the truth about how they are suffering.

Tonto Dikeh replying to the post of Bobrisky advised individuals to be guarded and be watchful of jealous demons who appear as a supportive angels when in actual sense they are there to ruin their lives shading her former best friend.

Bobrisky in return has replied to Tonto Dikeh’s post asking who she would be jealous of and how would she be jealous of someone who is owing her asking her to pay her debt saying she’s owing someone and is still fighting the person.

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Bobrisky sarcastically asked Tonto Dikeh aunty born again who smokes igbo at one corner to fear God, daring her to come for her if she thinks they born her well since he can’t bet on his life but she can’t because she knows he’s the boss.

Bobrisky then added that she will teach him how to throw heavy shades after learning it himself claiming 5 million isn’t small money and he has receipts to show for it asking that who can borrow a friend up to 5 million these days.

screenshot below;

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