“Jealousy Jeloma” – Ebuka Obi-Uchendu Mocks Wife For Saying His Fingers Are Ugly

Cynthia Uchendu had taken to her official Twitter account and shared her thoughts on the impressions people have about Ebuka’s looks such as his fingers.

According to Cynthia, she finds it strange how people pass very fond comments and kind compliments over Ebuka’s fingers whilst she the wife does not see anything nice at his fingers but rather sees the complete opposite of it.

In her words;

“It’s strange how people constantly compliment @Ebuka’s fingers when I always say they look ugly”.

Reacting to her comments, Ebuka only deduced that his wife was talking out of sheer jealousy in the sense that his fingers are perhaps finer than hers and some of her fans alluded to the fact the she is jealous.

In Ebuka words;

“Jealousy jeloma!”.

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This is what some followers said about her tweet;

@zigzagdreamers_: Hahahahahahahaha……if I tell you why I’m laughing you’ll give me money not to tweet it. Hahahahahahha

@favoryt_favour: Don’t be jealous mahn!!!!

@kareen_iji: Definition of a king is not honoured in his home aka See finish.

@Maureenoge2oge: is that lady without an iota of insecurity. She knows her worth and can go to the ends of the earth to appreciate her man. She no send meddlesome Interlopers all over Twitter. Know this and know peace guys?

Source:Newzandar News

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