Jnr Pope Reveals How His Kids Escaped Being Strangled To Death By Their Domestic Help

Actor Jnr Pope has warned parents to be careful of their domestic help as he reveals how his kids escaped being strangled to death by their domestic help.

Jnr Pope in a post advised those who have domestic help in their homes to be very careful as he uses his own who was able to strangle their dog to death as an example and how his kids escaped that horrible event.

According to Jnr Pope, the day his house help strangled their dog to death, his wife’s instinct didn’t allow them to leave their children for the house help and that is how they escape such a horrible incident as who knows they might be victims.

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He also revealed that his house help has been stealing from them and the height of her excesses was strangling their dog to death and who knows what she might have done to their kids if they were left with her.

Some of these house-helps end up becoming a thorn in the flesh of their master doing horrible things to their kids and Jnr Pope using his as an example has warned all parents to be careful with their house helps especially when it comes to their kids.

screenshot below;

Source: www.GHgossip.com

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