Lady Heartbroken As She Gets Dumped By A Guy Even After Selling Her Car To Support Him

The lady shared her ordeal in a recent letter she wrote to the popular Nigerian relationship coach, Joro Olumofin.

According to her, men are not to be trusted stating that she has really learnt her lesson. Read the post below;

“Hellp, Good afternoon.
I feel so silly and dumb, I have learned my lesson. I use to look bad at ladys who curse their ex boyfriend but I think I can do the same now I can visit a native Dr with his clothes and tooth bruise. I feel bad I have been dating my ex for 4 years now, we broke up last week he made me break up with him and he never called or begged.
I had a car and he had a car too. He wanted to start a business so I sold my car to support him and he promised we will both share his car. Beside I use office bus to work they pick me from close to my house and drop me off close too. On weekends he will never allow me to drive his car, the day I drove it he asked me to buy petrol back inside. I gave me 2.7m for my car. After I sold my car, not up to 2 months he started acting funny. He didn’t even start the business, when pain me the most is that he his ex gf picture as his WhatsApp dp. I told him why, he said her father wants to give him a job. It all doesn’t make sense. I told him that we are done, obviously I wanted him to beg me. Next thing he said okay. He hasn’t called me in 7 days and 11 hours. I have been counting, but he used his ex gf pic on his WhatsApp again. Wether Bibe=le or other ways I will pray for him. How can I get my money back? Or do I fight for my relationship. How do I start dating again? Joro please share and reply me”

Source: Newzandar News

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