Lady Suffers Serious Injuries After She Was Allegedly Attacked By Suspected Kidnappers In Lagos (VIDEO)

Tee, a very beautiful lady has sustained severe injuries after she was reportedly attacked by suspected kidnappers in Lekki, Lagos Sate on Sunday, June 13.

According to her friend, Cammy who announced the bad news on Instagram, the incident happened at about 8pm when her bolt driver was double crossed. The driver was stabbed and her friend was whisked away in a black Toyota Matrix.

Shortly after she was bundled into the car, one of the kidnappers started harassing her sexually. She was also stabbed and had the opportunity to escape via the car window.

Her friend, Cammy, who shared her story on IG, wrote;

”This happened to my friend @teelove.i ,On her way to lekki at about 8pm,yesterday(13/06/2021) her @bolt_nigeria driver was double crossed,the rider was stabbed and they took my friend in their car (black Toyota Matrix)

One of the kidnappers started pressing her breast inside the car telling the other one her breast is too small, for what they need it for then she started dragging with them and they started stabbing her ..But thank God she escaped via the car window..

please guys let’s be safe out there..

This country has failed us,going out and coming in safely is underrated..

The government has failed us”she wrote

Watch Video Here:

Reacting to the incident, Nigerians on social media have expressed appreciation to God that she was able to escape and still walks among the living. compiled a few reactions below;


Thank God she did not die, sis you are a super hero!! Speedy recovery


This country is nothing to write home about. No single sector is functioning effectively. What a shame.


To all the people who turned this country into what it is right now,May God punish you!


Omoo…am seriously considering taking bike to Cotonou and remaining there as a citizen.As if the poverty is not enough, now violence too. Thank God she is Recovering.


NAWA so called Almighty Lekki is no longer safe,I have a feeling the bolt driver is part of the kidnappers

Source: Newzandar News

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