Man Claims Rolls Royce That The Likes Of Davido Proudly Flaunts Means Nothing to People In Dubai (Watch)

After randomly spotting a Rolls Royce packed on the street in Dubai, the man started shading Davido saying a lot of ordinary people own this heavy whip yet they don’t gloat over it.

He added that people were passing beside the car without showing any concern.

Meanwhile, a female fan of Davido whose Facebook ID is Uba Papilo has revealed how one pastor had s,ex with her in the name of prophecy.

The lady dropped this revelation while reacting to the death prophecy pronounced on the head of the Afrobeat specialist by one Nigerian pastor.

Recall that one unnamed Nigerian pastor was captured in a viral predicting that the Jowo composer will probably be eliminated via food poisoning by someone within his own inner circles.

According to the pastorhe is doing everything possible within his capacity to avert the scary future occurrence but despite his prayers to avert it, God told him that it will come to pass regardless.

“I told you about one singer, Davido. They will poison him; I don’t know him and I have never seen him in my life.

They will put something in his drink; he will be rushed to the hospital, will be admitted and unconscious. The person that will poison him is sleeping in his house,” he’s heard in a viral video.

He added; “Did he die? I didn’t see him die? But he will lose something in his body that will handicap him”.

From the foregoing, the lady slammed the pastor and says they are all charlatans marauding to prey on people’s ignorance.

She wrote; “Na there way ooo since those pastors chop me na once I run leave them. Na people wey them never chop the die for them. Na only bad vision them the see.”

SOURCE: www.Newzandar

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