Man Loses His Cool Over Wife’s Refusal To Register Her Car In His Name

A leaked chat of a man threatening to go in hard on his wife if she refuses to register her newly acquired car with his name has become the topic of discussion on the internet largely dominated by the grapevine.

According to the report, the man asked his wife to change the particulars of the car to bear his own name and tell the public that he single-handedly bought the car for her, but the woman refused.

The man felt offended and threatened to unleash his fury on her for living under his roof and refusing to ‘glorify him’ openly by refusing his proposition. Apparently, the man dropped the comment in reaction to a thread raised by another social media user.

He wrote:

“It’s really difficult to find Proverbs 31 women in our generation today. My wife bought herself a car and I ordered her as her Lord and husband to change the paper’s ownership to my name and tell the public that I bought the car for her…”

In other development, James Brown who is gradually developing a blueprint that is solidifying her brand, has been spotted in a new video brandishing her gimmicks once again.

The controversial crossdresser who sometimes fights her mentor Bobrisky for supremacy in the buffoonery space said he just visited God in heaven and it was there that he realized how much the creator loves him.

James Brown said for this reason, he is not interested in fighting anybody and he therefore seized the moment to forgive all his trespassers as well as asking for forgiveness from those he has offended. He proceeded to say hell is real and it’s not a pleasant place one should go.

SOURCE: www.Newzandar News

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