Media Personality Femi Golden Reveals Why It’s Hard Being A Man In This Generation

Femi Golden commenting on a post asking what actually makes men true losers blamed ladies for being the reason why it’s hard to be a man these days because of their nerves to put men through a lot in life.

According to Femi Gold, it’s so hard to be a man in this generation because these broke ladies don’t even have half the things you’ve got but still insults you for having things they themselves don’t have and can’t afford to.

To Femi Golden, the fact that some ladies have the guts to criticize or insult men over something they don’t have and can’t even afford in their lives makes it so hard to be a man in this generation as it wasn’t like that at first.

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Ladies of today want their men to have or provide them with every single thing they need even if they themselves can’t afford it and that is something Femi Golden classifies as the sole reason why being a man in this generation is hard.

It’s indeed true that it’s so hard to be a man these days as the moment you decide to have a relationship with a lady, all her burdens are transferred to you and Femi Golden is not wrong to blame women for all these.

screenshot below;


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