Meet Lindsay Ijeoma, The Lady With The Longest Natural Hair In Nigeria

Lindsay Ijeoma Chris is the woman who is believed to have the longest common hair in Nigeria so far. You will be marvelled at the length, thickness and volume of the hair

You are surprised too right? And you think that’s not her natural hair? Of course it is.

Lindsay Ijeoma Chris, the one who has the longest regular hair in Nigeria, has developed her hair past abdomen length. As indicated by her, she trim her hair in 2014 and has been developing it for a very long time at this point.

Her secret to achieving this marvelous mane is nothing but a good hair regimen.

Her regimen consists of:

Detangling : She detangles her hair with a detangling hair spray

Shampooing :Next, she shampoos her hair with a good strengthening shampoo

Deep Conditioning : After shampooing, she applys a deep conditioning treatment, cover up with a plastic cap and leave on for at least thirty minutes.

Moisturising: She rinses off the deep conditioning treatment and apply a leave in conditioner

Sealing: Finally she seals in the moisture with a herbal hair growth oil and butter cream.

She also added that what we eat and drink play a role in our hair growth and length. A simple regimen right? You can also try it out to see if it works for you. You can achieve any length you want, just like Lindsay, all you need is a good hair regimen, the right hair products and practices, together with patience and consistency.

See photos of the longest natural hair in Nigeria :



Source: Newzandar News

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