Men Almost Have No Right To Choice When Women Want Them — Comedian, Acapella

In a recent post he made on his Twitter page, Acapella bemoaned the fact that women say they like men with self-control but get outrageously angry when a man controls himself around them.

He pointed to the fact that society accepts the idea of women turning men down and when the man does the same to a woman who likes them, they will tag him as being gay.

Read his tweet below;

Social media users also shared their thoughts on his assertion and this is what some said;

@davidagusiy wrote; Women want a ‘bad boy’ but he should be God fearing, he should command respect but if he commands her.. problem. He must be handsome but not too handsome for other women to be eyeing him.

@gudgirlriri wrote; He is actually’s so annoying when you are angry and your man is calm or walks away..he’s a gentle man but it’s so annoying 😂😂oga do something 😭😭😂

@fortunetheghost wrote; Women don’t handle rejection well. They feel entitled to the man’s emotions . It’s not a good thing but it is what is na. Tell a man you don’t want him, he will move on. Tell a woman you don’t want her, wahala 😂😂

@mrpresidennt wrote; Dealing with my opposite gender requires plenty patience. Can’t live with them can’t live without them 😂

Source:Newzandar News

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