Mofe Duncan Reacts After Being Accused Of Lying That A Bunch Of Plantain Cost N6,000

Actor Mofe Duncan has reacted after being accused of lying that a bunch of plantains cost N6,000 saying the country has an issue if the price of a bunch of plantains has caused so much rage.

According to him, if celebrities or public figures keep quiet about something netizens complain the same way if they say something even if it’s in their favor they call them liars adding that the plantain is even not sweet.

Mofe Duncan went ahead to lament that those accusing her of lying about the price of the plantain weren’t even there but yet they are so sure that he’s lying about the price of the plantain he bought saying celebrities try a lot in Nigeria.

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The fact that everything is questionable when it comes to the life of a celebrity is what Mofe Duncan doesn’t understand and even when the celebrity is trying to help the masses which is very bad making fun of them that everything a celebrity wants to post must be scrutinized because it will end up on blogs.

Mofe Duncan then added that being famous is a curse sometimes because he’s craving for plantain and the complaint he made about the price became an issue on social media that some people even think he’s lying about the price just because he’s a celebrity.

Screenshot below;

Source: Newzandar News

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