‘Money Can Buy Love Because Love Is Just A Decision’ – Blessing Okoro

Nigerian relationship coach, Blessing Okoro has claimed that money can buy love.

This is contrary to the popular notion that money can’t buy and according to the relationship coach, this not true.

In her view, money can actually buy love and she added that it is so because love is just a decision that a person makes.

She wrote;

“Stop saying rubbish 🤣🤣.
Love is just decision and choices .
Love no be human being @momentswithblessingceo”

Some reactions from social media users are;

lakorean_cmr – Not always a decision

princeevagrin – Big lie, if love is a decision every marriage will work

nazyconcepts – Love is a decision, I agree. Does money water it? Yes. But for money to buy it…. not really. It can bring about temporary Loyalty but more is really needed other than money.

chinenye_nwa1 – Yes money can buy love… My love language is gifts and money honestly and once I’m not getting these two, I hardly have feelings or anything for the person 🙄🙄

michaelohaji – Loool swear to God love is purchased on a daily basis hahaha don’t be decieved😂😂😂

darling_ody – Any love that money buys is not real😂 because if you take away the money love done kpafuka😂

sea_never_dry_77 – Hmmmmmm na wa oooo don’t be deceived oooo by all this so call relationship specialist ooo if you know what some of them are also battling at home you go give yourself brain, imagine money can buy you love ha is that not senseless

lion_kweenn – I once fell for a guy because he was too damn caring😢😢 it’s not always about money sis

da__joychen – True because love don’t pay bills.. women tends to love who spend for them more than those who love them..love self Dey tire sometimes 🥺🥺

euniceusinik – Truly l have seen where more bought love and they are still living with stronger love

Source: Newzandar News

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