My Childhood Encounter With A Pedophile- Actress, Kiitan Bukola Opens Up

Nollywood actress Oluwabukola Oloruntimilehin better called Kiitan Bukola has opened up about her encounter with a paedophile at a young age.

Following the rape allegation levelled against Baba Ijeshia, a host of actors have come out to condemn the move. She was involved in a chat with Vanguard news where she lay all her grievances to the floor.

In her words: “My mum used to hawk and I was attending Union Baptist Nursery and Primary School, Oke Bola, not really far from our house. Sometimes when I came back from school, my mum would tell me to wait for her somewhere till she came back. When she came back from hawking she would pick me up and go back to the house together.

There was a day I was asked to wait for her in front of a hotel called K Palace Hotel. There is this house opposite the hotel so I waited for her there. There’s this person who is like a brother who stayed in the house. He was the one that raped me. I didn’t tell anybody. For a week I couldn’t even use the restroom very well. I was feeling pain all over my body. That trauma has been in my head for a very long time. The experience and trauma turned me into a drinker. I was never happy around people. For me to be happy I had to drink a lot. I couldn’t even keep a relationship for a very long time as a result of the trauma. I was having serious mood swings. It was the story I used as a movie in”Right Time”. I never told anyone and I decided to make it into a movie,”

I have been seeing DMs of people saying I am trying to use Baba Ijesha to trend. I chose to ignore it, but you coming to my page to write nonsense is out of line. I won’t take it at all, may your daughter be a victim or your son then you will know how it feels. Just because my movie is coincidental with the issue on the ground then you think I made it up, how stupid can you be,” she added.


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