My Foolish Emotions Will Disappear – Bobrisky Reacts After Being Called Out By Ivorian Lady

Crossdresser Bobrisky has reacted to claims of his Ivorian beneficiary saying his foolish emotions that make him help people will disappear soon.

This being the second time he has been called out by people he has helped, Bobrisky blamed his emotions for putting him in a situation that he couldn’t leave people who need help saying it will soon disappear for him to be free.

Reacting to the accusations of his Ivorian beneficiary who claimed Bobrisky hit her with a speaker assaulting her for lack of communication, Bobrisky claimed he has been learning the hard way and he’s happy about it.

Sharing a chat she had with blogger Cutie_julls, Bobrisky accepted the advice of the blogger never to help anyone again therefore she’s going to spend her money lavishly with her family and friends and not bother helping anyone.

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It appears those he helped and posted online have come back to call him out accusing him of something else and now Bobrisky has made up his mind not to help anyone again praying that the foolish emotions that have been making him help others should just disappear.

Bobrisky has always been bragging of his riches and decided to help anyone that comes to him for help but then it seems that kind gesture of his is turning out to be his night mere as he’s been called out by his beneficiaries.

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Source: Newzandar News

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