‘My Girlfriend Left Me After Gay Comment’- Nollywood Actor

Controversial Nigerian actor, Uche Maduagwu who doubles as a blogger on Instagram, has cried that his girlfriend dumped his sorry ass when he infamously declared that he was a homosexual.

Uche who also happens to be social media commenta tor has now made a U-turn in a recent post saying he’s not gay and was only using his celebrity status to fight for the rights of LGBT in Nigeria.

‘Dear fans i am not Gay i lost movie roles endorsement and my girlfriend fighting for LGBT right in Nigeria. Omg even my girlfriend left me despite knowing i was fighting for LGBT right in naija but i no regret using my celebrity status to fighting for this beautiful community.’

See his post below:

Recall that in a post dated January 29, the actor uploaded a picture of himself alongside a caption saying ‘proudly gay’ while upbeat music played in the background.

He captioned his post, saying: “Appreciate others and #share only love we need to respect peoples choices not to judge them so lets practice jesus kind of love.” In a follow-up post, he urged others to come out and share their identity, saying:

‘Don’t let anyone intimidate you. Come out, show your identity, you are who you are, boy, you’re who you are. Don’t let anybody intimidate you. I be gay, I be no herdsman, and I am proud.’

A third post then urges newly elected President Joe Biden to take action against Nigeria for its anti-LGBTQ+ attitudes, and claimed that up to 40% of the current legislators in the country were gay.

Uche wrote: ‘Dear President Joe Biden i am proudly gay and i beg you to place sanctions on Nigerian government for its inhuman laws against law abiding homosexuals yet this same government pampers wicked fulani herdsmen who kidnap and cause trouble in southern part of nigeria we are tired and scared despite the fact that more than 40% of current legislatures and over twelve governors are homosexuals in naija why the hypocrisy.’

SOURCE: www.Ghgossip.com

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