‘My Kpekus Gets Wet Every Morning’ – Gay Nigerian Chef, Ayo Shares Story Of How His Uncle Raped Him Repeatedly

A distressing story of a young Nigerian gay has been shared online and it has got people talking after it went viral.

Ayo, a famous Nigerian gay chef in a brief narration shared how he was allegedly bonked by his father’s brother.

Ayo recounted that his parents died when he was very young and he had to stay with his uncle thereafter. According to him, his uncle consistently abused him sexually.

Ayo said he believes his uncle offers him fruit juice laced with sedatives before doing the unthinkable with him.

This comes in reaction to the viral news of one Baba Ijesha who defiled a young girl. He demanded justice for the young girl while speaking for himself as well. He wrote on Instagram;

”News have been going round concerning Baba ijesha,how he defiled a small girl, The needs to justice must be Accomplished…..this is the Right time I’m speaking out on myself.

I was defiled at the Age of 11years old by my dad junior brother. I don’t have the boldness to speak out because of the fear of being beaten… I could remember,when I lost my parents at tender Age,no family, nobody to care for me,only my uncle was there for me, not Knowing my uncle was a Pedophile.

He has been sleeping with me countless number of times. I don’t know how all this happened. What I can only flashback is that he always offer me fruit juice at night. I believe my drink is being injected with sedative drugs. I always feel dizzy whenever I sip my drink at night. My uncle sleep with me at midnight,if I wake up in the morning,my kpekus always get wet.

I’ve been trying to have courage to ask him. Each times I try to, I get the beating of my life. He threatened to kill me, abuse my parents for not taking care of me before they gave up the ghost. I attended boys boarding school in ogun state. Each times I get a vacation, I’m always scared to come back home for holiday….cuz I’m scared of my Uncle big Gbola….I can’t count,how many times he had slept with me. I’m writing this to everyone to know what I’m passing through all these while….my prayers go to everyone who experience raped or blackmail….stay strong I want justice,I’ve been facing severe pains in my heart.”

Source; Newzandar News.com

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