My Mother Didn’t Live A Long Life Because Of The Useless Healthcare System Of Nigeria – Lady Laments

A Nigerian lady called Genevieve is currently mourning in pain as her mother dies as a result of the “poor healthcare system in Nigeria”.

The businesswoman took to the microblogging platform to disclose that her mother breathed her last after she was diagnosed wrongly and was made to take harmful medications that caused adverse effect to her organs.

Narrating the heartbreaking experience, she wrote;

“My mother didn’t live a long life because of the useless health care system in Nigeria. Misdiagnosed her for WHAT SHE DIDN’T HAVE!! Feeding her with meds upon meds for what she didn’t have!! I watched her die slowly… Cos when she went to different hospitals abroad..

They told her the said organ wasn’t having any issues but had now developed a major issue due to the medications these folks fed her for years.
You see… she was a fighter.. she promised me that she will not die till My lil sis and I are done with secondary school!

This woman never stopped working her ass off!! She made sure we didn’t lack anything!! We never even knew they gave her a said amount of years she will live till I was cleaning her space one day and saw life assurance documents.. I will never forget everything I saw…

I couldn’t eat for weeks, I went back to school in rage!! I couldn’t even focus. I was a mess!! I will quarrel with her like mad when she gets pissed and says “when I’m gone, just in two months you guys will cry and forget me” I will be mad!!
No type of prayer I didn’t say!!

Wanted her HERE!! I wanted to make money and spoil her silly Cos she didn’t stop at any chance to make others happy, my mom sent a huge number of children to school… she did some things that vexed me like mad.. I kept begging her.. mommy what of YOU!!!

Just if this country didn’t fail her!! If she had real friends that pushed her instead of only looking to ‘milk’ her!! If maybe we were more grown up and we could have ‘changed it for her better’.
It been 6 whole years and I have NOT FORGOTTEN YOU MOTHER!!”


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