Netizens Hail Reno Omokri For Staying Loyal To Goodluck Jonathan

Nigerian award-winning author, Reno Omokri has been hailed by his fans for exhibiting true loyalty to his former master, Goodluck Jonathan as he served as his aide.

In a post via his Instagram page, Reno shared a photo of Goodluck Jonathan as he talked about his political ideologies and what he stood for in his tenure as president. He described Jonathan as a man of peace who did not want to see the nation get into a bloodbath because of his political ambition.

Sharing the photo he wrote: The white represents the Jonathan Doctrine: “My political ambition is not worth the blood of any citizen.”

The red represents Jonathan’s love for Nigeria: “We are all brothers and sisters born from the womb of one Mother Nigeria.”

Several fans trooped under his comment section to hail him for his loyalty.

enpreshcollections: Your love and loyalty to your former boss and friend is out of this world…. We miss him seriously and may God continue to guide and direct his paths. Amen🙏

emekasteve009: Jonathan was not a perfect man/leader but you will agree with me that Nigeria will continue to remember him as a very humble,humane and a kind hearted Leader.There are no Leaders like him and the late Ya’radua.

samgordon998: A Great leader. 👏

deanwilson007: How I wish 2015 never went the way it did. But this is one man I have so wish I can just have the privilege of working with. He is a hero

nigeria_mustobegreat: May our beloved brother socced ,,we regret the buharist #notherners

prince_tony_major: I remembered one of your last words and you said! You all will know the freedom you people enjoyed during my leadership time…today we all have see it very clearly but don’t blame Nigerian citizens… sometimes it’s good for a woman to marry another man and know the best among the two…. Nigerians in a very big pain

Source: www.Newzandar

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