New Report has It That Lekki Toll Gate Makes Over 7 Billion Naira Per Year, See Details

Lekki Toll Gate

As per new reports contacting Newzandar News, the Lagos State government lost 234 million Naira after the fights and blacklist of the Lekki Toll Gate.

The cost entryway, which is overseen by Lekki Concession Company, rounds up at the very least N 10m each day. What’s more, the Admiralty Circle Plaza along the Lekki-Epe turnpike makes at the very least N16.6m each day.

According to estimations, about 80,000 vehicles use the toll gates every day. But following the protests, the Lekki tollgate has been shut down and the one at Ikoyi has been opened for free use.

On the off chance that the computations are right, it would imply that the Lekki cost door rounds up about 7.7 billion naira yearly. Despite the fact that nobody appears to guarantee possession for the toll gate, it is expressed as a Private Public Partnership.

So if does not go into the pockets of Bola Tinubu, whose does it go into?

See image below:

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