NGO Donates Money To Man To Feed His 7 Kids, He Uses It To Marry Second Wife

A Non-governmental Organisation that donated money to a man to cater for his seven children has found out that the man has used the donated money to marry a second wife.

A lady with the Twitter handle @purpleandflawed has disclosed the name of the man as HARACHI. According to the tweets from the lady, a friend of hers works with the said NGO who made the donation to the poor family.

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According to the lady who is a Nigerian, the NGO gave the “Hausa man 100thousand to start a business and feed his 7 children better” in Jos but he decided to use the money donated by the NGO for his seven children to satisfy his desires by marrying a second wife.

According to the Twitter user, the NGO decided to pay a surprise visit to the man and his family to find out how the seven children were doing after they made the donation but upon arrival, they realized that the man re-directed the funds into satisfying his desires and interest.

“So last month this NGO that my friend works within Jos gave this Hausa man 100thousand to start a business and feed his 7 children better, they had gone back this afternoon to find out that Oga used the money to marry a second wife. I don’t know if one should laugh or cry,” @purpleandflawed lamented on Twitter.

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Source: Newzandar News

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