Nigerian Lady Shares A Video Of Her Making Quality Shoes As A Part-time Job Aside From Her Normal School Activities

The video captured the moment the lady was at the workshop making shoes and she indicated that she does this everyday after closing from school.

Sharing the video, she wrote;

“From school, I went to the workshop.

So I made a video of me making a shoe to the end”

Some reactions the post got are;

@granddmeisterr – I like to support you by buying one of your shoe for someone. Please kindly pick one of your follower and dm me your account details. Well done

@TMGofLagos – Very soon the Feds will come for this girl and tag her products as sub standard shoes cos it’s not from somewhere in Paris and America. Govt ain’t fund innovations yet discriminating our efforts from Foreign. Now you see why there is no growth, they love foreign more than us

@itykay – Nice shoes!!!
But just a reminder that your president can destroy that shop simple because you question why the gum you bought cheap yesterday eventually becomes costly.

@iamsandramonday – You should get active on TikTok. Open a gudie account and share these kinda videos using relevant and trendy songs… you’ll be amazed at the response and orders

@Shawnifee – You’re headed for greatness, Goodness. Soon, very soon Gudie is gonna be an international brand!

@gipsy888 – The way you make that shoe is incomparable, Goodness.
You give all your knowledge, all your love, all your energy in making the beautiful shoe.
It is breathtaking to see you work so beautifully and so very cute. Thank you for sharing, beautiful shoemaker.

Source: Newzandar News

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