Nigerian Lady Shares Amazing Body Transformation, See Photos

A Nigerian lady has shocked the internet community with her amazing body transformation within a span of few years.


From being a slender looking lady with no ‘endowments’ whatsoever, the lady identified as Inyene Obong took netizens through the various layers of her transformation that now sees her having a beautiful and well-ednowed body presently.


Inyene shared a video of her former body and her present body that have elicited much reactions on social media and had a lot of her male followers drooling over her.


See video below;

In other news, a Nigerian woman simply identified as Adaobi has shared her problem with the internet community in a bid to find solution to her marital woes.

The mother of one said she found to her utter shock her biological mother was having sex with her husband on their matrimonial bed.

She further added that doesn’t know how her father will react if he hears this bad news as the terrible development has the tendency to tarnish the image of her family.

See below for her full story;

I’m Adaobi by name. As I’m writing this story, I am writing it with pain in my heart. I got married to a man I loved not knowing that I married a he goat.

I married this man called Emeka in the middle of last year which was 2019. Emeka was a man after my heart. We dated for years before our marriage. No wonder they say that men can hide there true colours during the period of dating. Before this incidence, I can swear with my life that Emeka can ever do such, but look at me now a weeping woman

I gave birth to my first child who happened to be a boy on 25th of April this year. There was much joy in our lives not knowing that the joy and happiness will not last for a long time. I and my husband live in Enugu State. So after delivery, I invited my mother from the place she was staying in Owerri with my dad and siblings to Enugu to come for Omugwo which is part of Igbo tradition whenever a woman puts to bed

Before the coming of my mother, my husband always ask me how she is doing but I took it as normal pleasantry and compliment to his mother in law not know that there is something behind it.

Last Sunday evening, I decided to make my hair since work was resuming on Monday. I wanted to use that Monday to visit my place of work so as to inform them officially about my new born child and commence my maternity leave.

As I was going out to make my hair, I informed my mom and my husband before leaving. Normally if I go out to make hair, atimes I do spend over 3hrs there but as I went out that day, I forgot my purse and I rushed back to get my purse at home.

When I returned, every where was calm,taught that they went to sleep as I went out only for me to open our room and saw the shock of my life. It seems to me like a dream but it was not. It was a reality. I couldn’t withstand what I saw which made me motionless and speechless.I wept and cursed the day I got married to that beast of a man Emeka

How can Emeka do such to me? Not that he did it with someone but he did it with my own mother. A woman that carried me in her womb for nine months (crying). A woman that I call mother. What is my fate and the fate of my son now.

I’m now on a cross road. I am totally confused not knowing what to do. My husband has been pleading for my forgiveness but it’s too hard to forgive and forget. How would I look at my mom’s face and call her mother again?

If my father hears this what would be his reaction? If my village people hear this what will they say about our family.

Please save a dying woman. Should I let my father know of this or should I keep it within myself? What should I do?


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