Nigerian Man Claims People Who Use Their Phone On Toilet Remain Single Till 75

A man has claimed that his own research, which is obviously unsubstantiated, has revealed that people who are in the habit of using their mobile device on toilet remain single almost forever.

In what looks like an alternative means to discourage people to desist from from that unhealthy practice, the man whose Twitter handle shows he’s from Nigeria says any person who does that remain single till 75.

Evidently, he’s just making things up to drum home his message.

Of course he has a point, according to an article shared by ThrillList, recent study recorded that 90% of people bring their phones into the bathroom. Compare that to the statistic that only 70% of Americans admit to having a one-night stand.

And, apparently, more people follow through with their New Year’s resolutions than poop without a phone in their hands.

Dr. James Roberts, a professor at Baylor University who has written extensively about phone addiction and its impact, said that our devices have “certainly changed how we spend our time in the bathroom.

When we take our phones away, we get stressed, and anxious, and irritable. We get FOMO. Nowadays, people have trouble being alone with their thoughts, because they usually don’t have to.”

But when we use phones in the bathroom, we’re putting our health and our brains at risk in multiple ways.

And we literally need to figure this shit out before we lose our minds.

Anyways, see the screenshot of the comment the guy made.

SOURCE: Newzandar News

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