Nigerian Women Aren’t Loved Enough — Actor, Bucci Franklin

Bucci Franklin seem not to be impressed or better yet satisfied with the way Nigerian women are shown love especially by men.

Taking to his Instagram story, the actor noted that Nigerian women are not being loved enough and believes there is still much to be done as he urged men to do more.

Most men on Instagram disputed his submission as they alluded to the fact that it is rather the other way round, thus men are the one who aren’t loved enough.

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See some reactions below;

@tonydey4u: This guy is temporarily using Desmond’s brain. He needs to be called to order.

@nnenna_blinks_: Say it louder for your Broskis at the back. But they know how to love the foreign woman differently

@deborah_stephen: So true…oil dey your head. Na better mama born you. Nigerian women are not given the love they truly deserve. Endtime men everywhere

@andyblayz: No sir it’s Nigerian men that aren’t loved enough! Queens need to do better!

@official_alviravows: The way we can be loved enough is by sending us money, just send us more money, I mean increase the money that you kings are sending us, you know just send us money now

@nene_george: Ride on my man… I’m happy someone is finally saying it

Source:Newzandar News

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