Nigerians React To Revelation N826b Annual Fund Needed To Combat Insecurity

The Vice Marshall M. A. Yakubu disclosed this during a public hearing on the Armed Forces Support Trust Fund Bill. He explained that the nation needs a lot of money to fund the fight against insecurity.

He said: “If we are not able to raise a minimum of $2 billion dollars (about N826 billion) per annum in the next three years for a start, subsequently maybe we can begin to taper down the percentages. But for a start, we need a bulk sum because of many of these manufacturers of equipment require 100 percent down payment to even start production. So you cannot sign a contract example with the US manufacturers and pay 15 percent mobilization as required by the procurement act.

“Nobody would look at you. Their terms must be followed. Many times we are asked to pay 100 per cent. The example is the super tucano. This one is on government to government. They insisted 100 payment within 30 days. No budgetary allocation would fund that,”

His statement irked some social media users as they slid under the post and reacted.

@dots_a “Let’s just sell the country and give proceeds to the military to fight insecurity. This whole thing is business we are just crying insecurity for nothing. That’s about N1trillion annually” emydon4me1 “After spending all that money will catch them and let them go to continue from where they stopped.”

@Onyiax9 “Baffles me how we spend so much and yet the bandits are the ones getting improved weapons … just me thinking aloud Zipper-mouth faceZipper-mouth faceZipper-mouth face” @AmooAdebowale2 “Why not sell Nigeria to combat insecurity”

@Elton0211 “826Billion. Are we fighting the devil himself?” @Kondix “Nigeria needs good laws, a caring and competent government and fairness to combat insecurity. Let’s not get carried away.”

@obichukwu1st “Nigeria needs N826billion annually to combat insecurity — Military: Nigeria will have to account for the billions given to them to combat insecurity. This people has no shame!!! no shame. The one given to u were handed to boko haram.”

Source: www.Newzandar

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