Nkechi Blessing And Anita Joseph Claims Lack Of Organism Is Why People Are Bitter

Actress Nkechi Blessing and Anita Joseph have claimed that the reason why some people are always bitter is that they don’t have orgasms and don’t cum during sexual intercourse.

According to Anita Joseph, some of the comments we see online and wonders, why the person is so bitter, are a result of lack of orgasm and that also leads to depression which most people don’t know and makes them continue to knack.

Anita Joseph then added that those who come aren’t bitter therefore people should tag her page beneath the comments of those who are bitter online for her to give them solutions to their bitterness because they must come and be free from depression.

Nkechi Blessing on the other hand supported that by saying not all headaches are a sign of malaria as some come as a result of lack of orgasm asking when was the last time you cum as a lady that you are blaming your headache on malaria.

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Nkechi Blessing also added that loneliness can either make you sick or turn you into a witch that never minds her business advising such ladies to go and get some d!ck and leave people to live their life however they want to remind them that they must come.

To Nkechi Blessing and Anita Joseph, orgasm plays a very important role in the lives of women therefore some women turn to be depressed and bitter or even have headaches because they didn’t cum hence they must try their best to cum during s3x.

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Source: Newzandar News

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