Nollywood Must Move Away From The Young Successful Woman Whose Only Problem Is Finding A Man To Marry – Nigerian Lady Says

A Nigerian communication expert who uses the handle @the_phidelia on Twitter has taken to the micro-blogging platform to dish out a message to stakeholders of the film industry, otherwise referred to as Nollywood.

Phidelia averred that Nollywood has to move away from the cliché style of story telling when the young successful working woman only has a problem of finding a man to marry.

Social media users after seeing her tweet could not agree with her any less as some pointed to the stereotyped story telling of portraying every village girl as broke and also a prince always marrying the maid in the palace.

See her tweet below;

Read some reactions below;

@deltarish wrote;

Someone produce 10movies and story can be centered around one thing woah ?‍♀️

@thacutezara wrote;

And they should juju.. must every movie be about charm or juju?????. In all nollywood movie. Whenever there is a housegirl and boss wife maltreating her. Trust me she would surely got pregnant before the wife and later take her place?????


Well, because it’s still a problem in the society, they can still put it in scripts. Me I still dey find husband ?‍♀️

@emmanuelpharoah wrote;

A Prince always ends up marrying the maid in the Palace or a princess falling in love with a local hunter.. Sick and tired of their story lines

@lolochychy wrote;

Tell them o! And they should stop portraying every village girl as being broke! We have successful ladies in rural areas too!

@oj_fowler wrote;

Or the beautiful maid singing in the farm, the prince heard her voice, found her and married her ??.

Source:Newzandar News

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