OAP Shade Lapido Cautions Those Who Buy Skincare Products From Actresses

Shade Ladipo ranted on her Instagram story wondering why fans or people will buy skincare products from an actress as he cited the fact that a person suffering a heart problem will not go to a car mechanic for solution or healing but will rater consult a cardiologist.

She cautioned social media users to be careful of all the rubbish they buy all because they want their skin to glow as she claimed some people are mixing sh!t and calling it soap cream on the streets.

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Reacting to this;

@afro.scott wrote;

Influencers be like this is my favorite skincare (in the past 3months aunty don get 15 favorite skin care

@zerofuckgirl wrote;

Tbh,I don’t think alot of them girls are ready for this conversation 

@temilolasobola wrote;

Being an actress doesn’t mean you can’t be a skin care expert tho….don’t just generalize. I know an actress who sews nice clothes…does it mean people should not patronize her cos she is an actress? You would have made a good point but you spoilt it….

@kiddiesroyale wrote;

She’s saying the truth some people mix a lot of rubbish in the name of organic .. We caught someone mixing hypo with cream

@jblingzmusic wrote;

So because she act means she doesn’t have idea about skin products… you have not seen a Doctor by qualification but a musician by profession ni?

Source:Newzandar News

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