Okowa Receives Panel’s Report On ENDSARS, Assures Govt Support Victims’ Families

Delta State Governor, Sen. (Dr) Ifeanyi Okowa has reiterated the willingness of the government to support families of victims of police brutality and extra-judicial killings in the state.

The governor stated that his government will study and adopt the panel’s recommendations, and he urged police to view civilians as partners rather than adversaries in information gathering.

Okowa said: “We are all very much aware of the impact of ENDSARS in our country. It opened a new chapter in the history of our country, where it became very obvious that many of our citizens across the nation were suffering silently.

“Many of them were in real pains, rising from loss of loved ones or loved ones that have been maimed by the Police. Rising from several stakeholders meetings, we decided that all states should constitute judicial panels of enquiry, for which Delta state constituted one,” 

Okowa commended the panel’s chairman and members for their meticulous work in completing the task, and expressed gratitude to Deltans who came out to address their grievances before the committee.

He added: “I want to reassure you that the recommendations made will be looked into very urgently by the state executive council and that justice will be done to the best that we can as human beings.

“We can not bring the dead to live and no amount of money can buy a soul. However, we will do the best we can to sympathise with the families and victims.

“The fact that we have accepted that something went wrong could help the families heal and we need to lend a helping hand to them.
I do pray that we continue as a people to stay very civil.

“A lot of Police officers do their work the way it ought to be done. But it’s unfortunate that some few take laws into their hands and treat people they were supposed to protect as if they ought not to exist.

“That’s not supposed to be so; human lives can only be created by God. So, as much as possible, it is necessary to give respect to that life which we cannot create.

“I was waiting to see the report and know the extent to which our people have really suffered in the hands of security agencies before setting up the human rights complaints team.

“Whatever is being done is not to scrap the Police because we believe that many of them are doing there jobs. In fact, we have to find way to strengthen and encourage them,

Source: www.Ghgossip.com

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