Orange Seller Gets His Breakthrough As A Dancer After Being Adopted And Given Scholarship

A Nigerian man, Dayo Israel has been praised on Linkedln for adopting an orange seller and guaranteeing him a better life that will obviously transform him and his generation for good.

Dayo himself narrated how he decided to extend a helping hand to this young boy who used to sell oranges. Presently, the lad is gradually becoming a global star as a professional dancer. Dayo subsequently shared before and after photos of the young boy named Ayo who has now become a dancing superstar.

According to the man, the little boy came to his concert in Ebute Metta, Lagos state to sell orange four years ago. After being moved to render assistance, the young lad was adopted and given scholarship.

The kind-hearted man wrote: “4 years ago, Ayo came to my concert in Ebute- Metta to sell Orange, we adopted him and gave him a Scholarship to the Glory of God. Today, he has met the President, Governors and is a dancing superstar.

That’s what God does for us. He takes our mess, adopts us and transform us into his Marvelous light. Have a great weekend. #foragreaterlagos.”

His deed attracted the deserve applause he needs from netizens. See the few comments we gathered to that effect;

Oluseyi Akerele said: This is so amazing! Great work sir. God bless your ministry.

Sharon Ukoh; Congratulations Ayo. Your path has been defined by God. God bless and reward you Mr. Dayo. Ayo keep being subm*ssive and obedient. You will go places.

James Taiwo F; Yes, exactly what Christ did for us all! Thanks for touching a life! God bless you too.


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