People Are Dying And All You Care About Is Deleted Tweet? – Rudeboy Quizzes

Singer Rudeboy has posed a very important question to president Buhari and his administration asking whether a deleted tweet is far more important than the lives of the citizens.

Rudeboy reacting to the press conference of Lai Mohammed addressing Twiiter’s decision to delete a tweet of president Buhari igniting violence asked whether the deleted tweet is far more important than the people’s life.

According to Rudeboy, people are dying in the Southeast and all part of the country and all the government cares about is a deleted tweet which was in no way important to the ongoing crisis they are facing now as a country.

Rudeboy isn’t the only one angry and mad at what Lai Mohammed did which shows that they choose to ignore the cry of the people in times of their need since they were quick to respond to a deleted tweet that would be of any help to the citizens.

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The anger of Rudeboy and all others are justified because this is a clear indication that their president and his entire administration don’t have their interests at hand but only think about themselves and their families alone.

But unfortunately, they all have to endure this until 2023 to choose a new leader and from the campaign Rudeboy and others are making, it’s obvious Buhari would be dethroned unless something else happens in the cause of the two years.

Screenshot below;

Source: Newzandar News

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