Police Officer Who Was Filmed Demanding Bribe Disarmed And Arrested; To Face Disciplinary Action

The police officer who was captured on tape trying to collect bribe from a road user he nabbed in Ekiti State has reportedly been arrested and detained.

You would recall that a video of the unidentified bribe-seeking police officer asking a driver to give him bribe and that he prefers cash after the driver had offered to give him the money digitally after he caught the road user driving without a tint permit.

The driver was heard pleading with the police officer to accept the transfer as he had no cash on him but he was adamant on his decision to take cash before letting him go and said that his apologies and pleas are not going to be taken because he has to feed.

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In a development to this story, the Ekiti Police PRO took to their official Twitter page with the handle @PoliceNG_CRU announced that the said police officer who was captured in the video has been identified, arrested, disarmed and detained for further investigation and disciplinary action.

According to the Public Relations Officer, the unnamed police officer was behaving in an unprofessional and corrupt manner.

The update by the PRO has generated mixed reactions from Nigerians and below are a few of them.

@adetayoroseline: But so sad, at old age the man was not violence and no one no how there conversation stated.

@nazzieurbanstores: Don’t just arrest, increase their salaries

@oma_.xo: Arrrrrhhhhg Nigeria is doin well now abi na LORI IRO

@puff3.0: I kinda have pity on him, even from the video one can tell he isnt one of those confrontational policemen. Just another Nigerian in the useless police force without nothing to make of it. Regardless he erred.


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