Pregnant Uche Ogbodo Comes Through With The Flip Just To Check She Still Got Her Moves – Video

Pregnant Uche Ogbodo has broken the internet with her flip video claiming she just wants to check whether she still got her moves endangering her life and that of the baby.

Uche Ogbodo ever since she got pregnant has been doing all sorts of exercise that some even make netizens worry she might lose her baby as it’s too dangerous for a pregnant woman to do that kind of exercise.

Yesterday, Uche Ogbodo came through with the flip claiming she needed to check whether she still got her moves making those who love and care about her very worried as it’s so dangerous for a heavily pregnant woman to do that.

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It’s alright for her to exercise as a pregnant woman but the kind of exercises she’s been seen doing in videos she shares scares a lot of people with many wondering if she actually wants her child or herself to be in danger.

With the flip, she was seen with her head upside down doing it perfectly even more than some people who aren’t pregnant, and even though she’s a strong woman, doing this during pregnancy might be very dangerous for her and the child she’s carrying.

Knowing perfectly that what she’s doing is very dangerous, Uche Ogbodo advised pregnant women not to try what she did in the video at home as it’s too dangerous and risky for their lives and that of their baby.

I had to be Convinced I still had it 😁. I am so happy I could do it with my Bunny.
If you try and you fail! Pls try Again !#mymondaymotivation
Pls If you are pregnant, don’t try this at home 🚫

she captioned it

video below;


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