July 25, 2021

Record Label Owner Calls Davido Out For Refusing To Acknowledge Their Song After Paying Millions Of Naira

A Nigerian record label owner has called out Davido and his entire DMW crew for refusing to acknowledge a song they did with his artist after paying millions of Naira requested from him.

The record label owner revealed how he spent almost all his money on just a collaboration with Davido and his artists and how the DMW crew milked him despite the fact that he knew some of them personally but they didn’t deliver on their promise.

According to him, he paid Davido a huge amount of money to collaborate with his artist and also shoot the video to their song and even paid him to post it on his social media and promote his artist but Davido never posted the song after all the money he took.

The record label own then added that the late Obama DMW was the one who asked Davido not to post the song with his art even though he paid both Davido and Obama DMW for that and even the late TJ also milked him during that era.

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The record label owner then revealed that Obama DMW even sent a death threat to his artist to warn her not to release the song but then he has forgiven all of them after he had a dream and saw the late Obama DMW asking him for his forgiveness for what he did to him and his artist.

Davido is yet to respond to any of these allegations but then one thing that came out clear out of this post is that some of the DMW crew members have been using his name to cash out and he sometimes has knowledge of that but don’t do anything about it and that speaks badly about his reputation.

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