Residents Praise God, Claim They Heard A Fowl Shouting “God Have Mercy” (VIDEO)

 Another resident, a female, while giving an account of how they found the ”wonder chicken”, said ”You see, on Thursday, a man who I know told me that in the middle of the night, he heard a chicken clucking Olohun Dakun but he didn’t see the chicken. When he told us that were with him, I didn’t take it serious.

However, when this old woman called me to come and see a chicken that was clucking Olohun Dakun, I went and saw the chicken and we started praising God. I asked who owns the chicken and they told me it is a christain woman living in this neighborhood.

When she came to my shop to buy something, she told me that this is what people were saying about her chicken. I told her it is true. She also witnessed as the chicken again clucked Olohun Dakun and said the chicken was giving a message”

The owner of the chicken, Mummy Blessing also confirmed that her chicken also clucked ”Olohun Dakun”. The residents gathered in front of the chicken as they prayed for God to have mercy.

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E be like say Facebook people don finally upgrade come IG, like wth


They need electricity and food supply. Person wey get light, dey inside house dey watch tv won’t hear fowl saying bs


The fowl understand that the country is hard


The chicken has exempted itself from being killed for Christmas. Wise chicken


The Alfa suppose collect bulala for neck,he’s supposed to enlighten them


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