Rev. Fr. Mbaka Is An Author Of Confusion- Reno Omokri Attacks Fr Mbaka

Nigerian author and politician, Reno Omokri has lashed out at clergyman, Fr Mbaka after he urged the Senate to impeach President Buhari.

According to Reno, Mbaka is an author of confusion as he who was one of the staunch supporters of President Buhari during the 2015 elections and he is coming back to say a different thing.

Father Mbaka said:

“Let me tell you; if it is in a civilized country, by now, President Buhari would have resigned with what is happening. Nigerians are crying because there’s no security in the country, the House of Representatives should impeach the president if he doesn’t want to resign.

A good coach cannot watch his players be defeated when he has players sitting down on the bench. It is ei ther Buhari resigns by himself or he will be impeached.

This statement is too mysterious and supernatural, I know many people will begin to fight it, saying did you not pray for Buhari? Did Samuel not anoint Saul? Am I the creator of Buhari? God created him, Nigerians supported him because he did well sometimes. But now, how can people be dying and the chief security officer of the country will be sitting down without making any comment? Gunmen attacking people everywhere.

House of Representatives should impeach the President if he doesn’t want to resign. If the members of these two houses do not want to impeach him  and they want to begin to fight Fr. Mbaka, something worse than what they never imagine would happen to the members of the House of Senate and the members of the House of Representatives. Disaster is coming”

Reno Omokri took a swipe at him and wrote: “President Jonathan and his wife, Patience, are planning to assassinate me. I don’t know why people no longer have the fear of God. Do they think that killing Father Mbaka will make Jonathan and his wife win the election?-

Reverend Father Mbaka, March 17, 2015

Source: www.Newzandar

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